Filtration systems

We design and construct complete, customized filtration systems for handling coolant and chips. These systems can process the desired flow volumes with one or more modules.


A large selection of filtration technologies, such as gravity, pressure and vacuum filters means that we will always find the solution to match your needs. Paper belt filter or endless belt designs are available.

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Powerful permanent magnets encased in stainless steel tubes which are very effective for separation of magnetic fine


For efficient drying (80% moisture extraction) of liquid and solid mixtures and fine infiltration of cooling lubricants ( up to 10 μm).


Allows fine filtration without using any filter aids for this purpose. They have customized tubes which are fine enough to filter particles to 10 μm directle from oil.

For the continious filtration of mineral oil, emulsions,
semi synthetic and other liquids at flow rates up to 50,000 l / min.


The chips are transported by a steel link bracelet with worm screw gear motor with skirts boards on both sides (suitable for all types of chips).



Especially designed for cleaning coolant lubricants or other polluted liquids. Depending on the dirt load of the liquid, the filter can be equipped with a magnetic seperator.

Hydrocyclone coolant cleaning system with low maintenance which separates heavy dirt particles from low viscosity fluids.


Filter to separate the wet lter aid saturated with dirt in a dry solid and a liquid phase. For the filtration in the sub micron range.


The chips are transported by scratch bars, which are drawn through the conveyor through steel-bushed conveyor chains on both sides (for short broken chips).
This compact series vacuum filters with low prole was designed for a high quality filtration for custom CNC machine tools.

High throughput filtration of oil field injection water, process water and industrial waste water

The separators of this series have a magnetic rotating drum. The sludge is removed by a comb-like scraper.


We've built more than 10,000 systems world wide

Looking for a filtration system?