Clean and re-use cooling lubricants and other polluted liquids

Firma Stevens is specialized in the development of maintenance and user friendly paper filters. A reliable solution to reach a high degree of purification.

Our paper filters reach a high degree of purification, resulting in a cost-friendly solution to:

We’ve got more than 50 years of experience in manufacturing filtration systems in all sizes and formats

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Paper filter without magnetic separator

The strip-shaped filter paper supplied from a reel is supported and conveyed by a wire-mesh fabric with rollers.

Through the appropriate moulding, fabric and paper form a filter bin in which the liquid to be cleaned flows through the filter paper into the clean coolant collecting tank, which is arranged under the filter bin.

Increasing pollution of the filter media will cause impermeability, resulting in an increased liquid level in the filter bin. Consequently, a float switch is actuated and the polluted filter paper will automatically be dragged out until the liquid level has fallen again and the switch-off point of the float switch has been reached.


The filter paper with the pollutions is deposited in the bin and can be taken out and disposed without interrupting
the filtering process.

Paper filter with magnetic separator

With this design, the liquid to be cleaned first flows under a constantly rotating magnetic roll during which process all magnetic foreign bodies are separated and, by means of an adjustable scraper, conveyed to the filter belt in the discharge area.


The magnetic preliminary separation results in a reduced dirt admission to the filter paper and thus in a reduced filter paper consumption.

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